Friday, May 20, 2011

One thing I have learned while couponing is how important it is to know store coupon policies.  I have had to educate clerks every week this past month.  Had I not had the policy and been knowledgeable about it, I would have paid a lot of money!  Just Wednesday I saved $90 because I knew the store's policy, and was able to nicely educate the staff.  I walked out with 18 bottles of body was for FREE!  So it pays to do your homework!

Stores are getting frustrated with all the recent couponing, and it comes across in their treatment of customers and snide comments when I walk in with my pretty purple binder.  I just smile and say I am a stay at home mom and I coupon to provide for my family!  It is so much fun!  I ran into a store Manger this week that didn't want to sell me any body wash because I was purchasing their supply.  Well isn't that why they order products?  To sell them?  I had a long chat with her, and she ended up apologizing and allowing me to do my purchase.  Thank goodness since it was the 7th store I had been to that day looking for my free body wash! So another lesson learned: Be as sweet as pie because you catch more flies with honey than vinegar! 

My stock pile is growing!  I have re-organized the garage and now have shelves waiting to be filled!  I am looking forward to Sunday and clipping!  I am also contemplating dumpster diving next week for even more coupons!

I hear my adorable boys up from their nap!  Time to go play in the sun! 

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